NDFOA Crew List

Offiicials Looking for a Crew

If anyone is looking to join a crew just send me (Mark Kuhn, mckuhn@toast.net) and email and I'll add you to the list below. Please note the position(s) you work along with your years of experience.

    1. Greg Habzda, #210450, 860-216-8639, ghabzda72@gmail.com; Experience - 25 years; position's -U, R, L, SJ

    2. Nick Koelsch, nkoelsch2@gmail.com, (3) years experience, Willing to work any position but prefers Back Judge.

Active Crews are listed below in alphabetical order by crew chief last name

Arnsby Crew

Referee - Steve Miller

Umpire - Ron Schermerhorn

Linesman - Scott Williams

Line Judge - John Arnsby (Crew Chief)

Back Judge - Doug Staczek

Bertz Crew (Herbert.bertz@gmail.com )

Open Week 6 (9/24) & 10 (10/29)

Referee - Joe Dieringer

Umpire - Rob Pohlman

Linesman - Herb Bertz (Crew Chief)

Line Judge - Isaac Berringer

Back Judge - Shaun Morrison

Blessing Crew (jbless2729@aol.com )

Referee - John Blessing (Crew Chief)

Umpire - Dan Miller

Linesman - Brent Meredith

Line Judge -Chris Mikonowicz

Back Judge - Mark Kruzel

Donohue Crew

Referee - Louis Donohue (Crew Chief)

Umpire - Tom Meridieth

Linesman - Feisal Crumby Jr

Line Judge - Jeff Copeland

Back Judge - Tony Shimman

Ducey Crew

Referee - Scott Armey

Umpire - Tony Adams

Linesman - Jason Ohlemacher

Line Judge - Kelly Ducey (Crew Chief)

Back Judge - Jeff Bostelman

Erickson Crew (eericks1@gmail.com)

Open 9/17 & 10/2

Referee - Eddie Norrils

Umpire - Eric Erickson (Crew Chief)

Linesman - Ronnie Blanton

Line Judge - Silas Hobbs

Back Judge - Tony Keyser

Foster Crew

Looking for games - 9/10 week 4 and 10/8 week 8

Referee - Patrick Foster (Crew Chief)

Umpire - Alexander Parton

Linesman - Robert Mojica

Line Judge - Michael Baker

Back Judge - Scott Brubaker

Gibbons Crew

Referee - Kevin Aller

Umpire - Rick Mielcarek

Linesman - Tom Gibbons (Crew Chief)

Line Judge - John Banks

Back Judge - Sam Kuhn

Gory Crew (miketribe15@hotmail.com)

Referee - Mike Gory (Crew Chief)

Umpire - Jamie Krupp

Linesman - Frank Cusenza

Line Judge - Jeff Stough

Back Judge - Paul Emerson

Grzegorczyk Crew

Referee - Dean Grzegorczyk (Crew Chief)

Umpire - Randy Grant

Linesman - Thom Dartt

Line Judge - John Janssens

Back Judge - Lee Durham

Johnson Crew

Referee - Stan Kielar

Umpire - Tom Johnson (Crew Chief)

Linesman - Joe Gilmer

Line Judge - Tom Bonnette

Back Judge - Joshua Baker

Joiner Crew

Referee - Daren Joiner (Crew Chief)

Umpire - Silas Hobbs

Linesman - Bill Lang

Line Judge - Gregory (Scott) Shoffer

Back Judge - Carroll Selmek

Joseph Crew

Referee - Mike Sassaman

Umpire - Cort Sassaman

Linesman - Dave Joseph (Crew Chief)

Line Judge - Ron Lazur

Back Judge - Troy Fowler

Kazmerczak Crew

Referee - Jason Kerchevall

Umpire - Gary Kujawa

Linesman - Mark Kazmerczak (Crew Chief)

Line Judge - Chris Kerchevall

Back Judge - Bryant Shinaver

Katafias Crew ( Katafias--kjkatafias@genoaschools.com )

Referee - Kevin Katafias (Crew Chief)

Umpire - David Hossler

Linesman - Brodie Wagener

Line Judge - Jeff Clere

Back Judge - Derek Diller

Mahnke Crew

Referee - Mike Mahnke (Crew Chief)

Umpire - Eric Whitman

Linesman - Greg Daniels

Line Judge - John Sanders

Back Judge - Brett Gates

McDermott Crew (jimm@bex.net )

Referee - Jim McDermott (Crew Chief)

Umpire - James Worthy

Linesman - Mike Blazevich

Line Judge - Darrel Phillips

Back Judge - Adam Leonti

Piorkowski Crew

Referee - Mark Piorkowski (Crew Chief)

Umpire - Steve Traxler

Linesman - Mark Kuhn

Line Judge - Greg Strausbaugh

Back Judge - Rami Mansour

Skryznecki Crew

Referee - Chris Honisko

Umpire - Matt Skryznecki (Crew Chief)

Linesman - Jason Stambaugh

Line Judge - Matt Johnson

Back Judge - Howie Lacourse

Steiner Crew

Referee - Chris Steiner (Crew Chief)

Umpire - Steve Hyder

Linesman - Roger Zimmerman

Line Judge - Troy Ziemkiewicz

Back Judge - Dave Spiess

Steingraber Crew (dstein@steingraberassoc.com)

Referee - Dan Steingraber (Crew Chief)

Umpire - Omar Dean

Linesman - Nick Adamski

Line Judge - Dan Steingrabber II

Back Judge - Brad Steingraber

Walker Crew

Referee - Clarence Labiche

Umpire - Mark Weaver

Linesman - Paul Garza

Line Judge - Jarrett Williams

Back Judge - Thomas Walker (Crew Chief)